March 05, 2017

What Are FIFA Coins?

What are FIFA coins? FIFA coins, also known as FUT coins (FIFA Ultimate Team Coins), are currencies used to buy players, consumables and packs. Then how to buy FIFA coins? A player must not buy coins from other players. There is a possibility that you will get scammed. You must buy coins online, but you must be cautious. There is a possibility that you can buy fake coins. So you must do a research about the reputable FUT Coins Kaufen suppliers and high quality services. Online, you can buy cheap FUT coins and get discounted.

To get FIFA coins, there are no generators or hacks that can be used. These generators and hacks can lead to getting scammed and even getting your email spammed with transactions you do not want to recover. Oftentimes, people get called by many companies for promotion deals you have never inquired for. So you must never put information of hack site or generator just to buy coins. You must only buy coins from trusted coin suppliers.

There are three methods of getting FIFA or FUT coins. It includes mule account, comfort trade, and player auctions. Mule account this is simply a new account with many coins on them. You can either choose to make a new team on this account or afterward deal the best players you acquire from packs to your main account.

Comfort trade is a method where you have to give your login information to a coin supplier. This is the easiest way to get your coins yet for some people, this method is very uncomfortable and so they are willing to pay slight extra for a mule account or the player auction options.

The player auction is the method where you deal your players to a coin supplier. This method is safe and fast but can cost a bit more for you.