March 14, 2017

Viprinet: Breakthrough By Simon KisselBingen


In 2005, Kissel faced a problem during the verge of “Chatjet” sales. Though the sales of these chat system for internal corporate communications and web-based support for customers were high, its rising demand cannot meet the right speed and connectivity.

An idea came to Simon Kissel Bingen , to use several DSL connections and build a VPN tunnel over these lines in order to maximize its capacity. However, the big problem is that no routers were available to bundle these lines. The solution was obvious, which made Kissel wonder why it has not been i vented yet. He found out why: dueto different run time of several data packets in several lines, and whatever system is receiving the data from the packets must understand whether a packet is simply late or will not arrive at all and needs to be resent. Learn more about Simon Kissel Bingen on this site.


Simon Kissel found out that to be able to use several lines with VPN tunnel, a system must be made that can reconstruct information by using parity information sent on one line. Then comes Viprinet GmbH, a strong medium-sized company that manufactures special internet routers. It was founded by Simon Kissel in 2006, based on his invention, along with acquaintances and friends.


At the end of 2005, Kissel has created a software router that can use several lines bundled for a Virtual Private Network (VPN). However, it being a software hardly convinced his colleagues of its effectivity as they were expecting a hardware-type of solution. And so Kissel created a routerwherein the modems are already integrated so one can bundle several lines in only a single device. With the help of his friends from Computerman GmbH and from Demoscene, Viprinet was founded.

Today, Viprinet remains to be the world’s leading manufacturer of special internet routers. Viprinet stands for Virtual Private Network, most commonly known to others as VPN.