March 05, 2017

Predictable Performance

Osirion has been offering web hosting services since they have been in the industry in the year 2002. They offer a wide range of hosting solution, from reseller hosting, shared web hosting, and dedicated server hosting. Osirion prides itself for it offers all kinds of hosting and gives their clients all options they may ever need.

Shared web hosting is the most ideal web hosting solution for most people. It provides the mainly cost effectual way to get one’s website hosted in the internet since they are sharing a server and all its resources. Related to a dedicated server, shared web hosting servers usually give out more rules so that the best experience possible will be attained by everyone in the shared web hosting server.Learn more about web hosting companies on this site.

Reseller web hosting is a best way to enter the web hosting business and start contending with other hosting companies. In reseller hosting, a share of web hosting server is given to you, a server which other reseller web hosting and shared web hosting customers use. It then provides you an access to your own reseller control which lets you handle all the shared hosting accounts you have created. You may also have reseller features and tools like the capability to suspend or remove client web accounts that you have made. Reseller web hosting is recommended to those clients who are just starters in hosting reseller or clients that have many high usage websites that they wanted to host.

Another type of web hosting is the dedicated server hosting. Since the whole server will be used by you alone, a dedicated server has less rules and restrictions. Dedicated server is good for a great resource usage website as it comes with a much higher bandwidth and disk allocation. This kind of hosting is recommended for clients that are aiming to break free from some terms and rules associated with the reseller hosting or from the restrictions that comes up with shared web hosting. Beside from that, it is also recommended for people that want to have authority over his clients hosting.