March 22, 2017

How to start your own music blog

Discouragements will come your way upon starting to create your own blog. But if you are really passionate and determined to make it a successful one, you won’t let negative vibes put you down. Besides, if money and time are your issues, you won’t have to worry because creating a music blogs takes for only about 15 minutes and a monthly fee of $5 is all you need. If it costs too much for you, then you must also know that if you cannot take risks on financial matters, most probably, you won’t become successful. Click here to know more about link.

Guide on creating a music blog

The first thing to do is to search online about the top music blogs these days. It’s purpose is not for you to copy the website itself. Instead, you come up with your own concept. You might want to take a look on different genres even it is not related to what you want because you can get fresh ideas and different point of views. While doing a research, consider whether it’s global or local, the length of time that they have been active, and also take note of what you do not want from these blogs for brainstorming purposes.

The second step is to choose your genre and establish your blog’s goal. Think of the concept that is not yet being offered by other bloggers, thus, you will create uniqueness on your music blog. Ask yourself if you will focus on local, global, independent or popular music artists. Think of your target audience, as well.

The third step to do is to consider what will be the content of your blog. Is it interview? Music history? The impact of your chosen around the world? It’s up to you. Just make sure that it’s interesting and titles should be really catchy.

After having the content, it’s time to conceptualize the creative and consistent look of your blog. Maintain how many music reviews you are going to write. Lastly, build your fans and followers. Start in building relationships and connections to local artists for live interviews. This will help you catch your audience’s attention. As they follow and subscribe to your page, that’s when you’ll start generating income.