March 20, 2017

Hair it is again

Life is full of surprises and one of them is losing one’s hair on the head.Drinking people can pull a prank on one of their drinking friends once dead drunk.They can shave off his hair while asleep and you can almost imagine the surprise on his face when he awakens.He might not even recognize himself on the mirror.There will be a lot of laugh when it happens to friends used to doing pranks among themselves.If they do that more than once then it is ‘hair it is again’.

So much for the fun on artificially losing hair, it will grow back in no time at all.Getting into more serious hair matters about hair loss, it is suggested that the regrow hair protocol be checked for good reviews regarding hair loss treatments.

Hair options

Hair loss is hereditary and it is unfortunate that there are those who have those genes.Their hair options will be to wear a wig instead of trying to re-grow their hair that can prove to be futile.Gene alteration might be possible but will be costly that will not be worth having the hair back.The only options available are wigs and toupee.For those who have reversible hair loss, there are several options offered that can be found online.

As always, do not fall for the first offer you see online.Make sure to compare and find out the credibility of the claims.There are good reviews as mentioned above to check on hair loss treatments and remedies.


Reviews do not provide proof on a product’s efficacy unless testimonies can be tracked and verified to be genuine.Solid proofs of efficacy can only be known and read from clinical tests and trials.That is the only way to prove scientifically that it is effective that forewarns of side-effects and contraindications.