February 27, 2017

Beginner’s Longboards

Have you ever thought of riding your own longboard and roaming around with it? Well, if yes then this article will give you some tips regarding what types of longboard should you buy to suit your style. Basically, a longboard is a type of long skateboard. There are different parts of a longboard, just like a skateboard, that you need to be aware of in order to skate at your finest.

A longboard consists of a four (4) wheels that you need to take consideration when you want to buy your own longboard. Sometimes, wheels can be a factor regarding your speed and the weight of a board. A longboard also contains a truck which is mounted on the underside of the longboard deck. A wider truck means a larger turning radius. Trucks also contribute to how well your longboard turns as soon as you ride with it so it is an important part that you should also watch out for when having your own longboard. Grip tape, deck, axle, bearings, kingpin, and truck bolts are the remaining parts that make up your beginner longboard.

In order to choose the right longboard for you, you should consider the following things:

  • What is your ability level? It might seem to underestimate one’s ability but the best way to get the longboard that suits you is to know how well can you skate. Longboards come in different shapes, lengths, and setups, what is important is for you to know your level for you to have the best longboard rides.
  • Choose your own riding style. As mentioned, longboards are in different shapes depending on how you want your board to look like. If you want to speed up within your first rides, then it is better to choose the cruising and carving boards that enable you to gradually carved down in sloped streets. Freeride and downhill boards are also available depending on your ability and style so choose wisely.

All of these categories depend on your choice, whether you want to do a long ride or a fast-short ride, you board is also yours. You are the one in charge for it to speed up or slow down. To know more about longboards,