The Grants That Helped Me Balance Work And Parenthood

Being a single mom is no joke specially when I have three growing kids and have to juggle my parenthood career with my work to make both ends meet. I have to budget everything from house hold expenses, my personal expenses and for my kids education as well, not to mention our daily expenses from transportation to food as it is a big burden to me. It is a good thing that there is this Grants for single moms which qualifies me for it as it is a big help to me and my kids to at least live life decently.

Prior to the grant, I would always sacrifice my needs as to the needs of my kids, as I do not want them to suffer more than what I have gone through and would want to provide to them everything that I can and every single step that I am capable of. With this Grants for single moms that came our way, I am so grateful of it, although I still needed to balance work and parenthood, the monthly budget that I we receive on top of my income is really a huge breather as I would not be stressed out specially when the bills would arrive and I still do not have enough to settle it and my kids would need some money for their school projects and some other activities as well. 

So after a few months with this Grants for single moms, I really noticed that I am less stressed already and I would have a few dollars left in my wallet and could bring my kids to have some ice cream on the weekends while we spend leisure time at the park and to some extent that we could already dine out on the weekends in the nearby dinner where we love the food so much.