Milking the Modern World: How to Make a Website

The internet has been slowly taking over the modern world. Little by little, people are becoming more and more reliant on the internet. They use it to communicate with other people, book tickets to flights and concerts, buy and sell products of their liking, update themselves on the news around them and so much more. With the present advancement of the technology these days, especially the invention of gadgets and computers, an individual, to some extent, involuntary access the internet at least once each day, starting from their teenage days up to their old days.

Website as a Source of Income

Every person in this modern world owns, on the average, at least one gadget. Walk up the street, you see people ducked down looking at their mobile phones, texting or updating their profiles in social media. Go to a café, you’ll see lots people have their faces stuck on the screen of their computers. The point is, each person access the internet every day. And that makes it a great source of income. How? For starters, you can sell you stuff online for money. That rids of all the hassle you’ll experience in selling your stuff manually by having to set up a store or renting up space to place your store which is not cost efficient at all.


Enough with the facts, let’s get to the real aim of this article. And that is to teach you how to make a wordpress website tutorial and ultimately transform into a successful and wealthy individual. Here’s a few simple steps in making a website.

  • 1.Pick what type of platform you would like to use. There are platforms such as WordPress, blogger, etc.
  • 2.Choose a hosting plan. It costs around 7$ a month. Luckily, blogger and WordPress don’t need a host so you may want to consider that to save money.
  • 3.Edit your website to make it “user-friendly” for your viewer’s and customer’s convenience. There are lots of themes and features available around the internet that are easy to install with just a few clicks.
  • 4.Last but not the least, all you need to do is publish it on the internet and that’s it! You’re now have an official website.